5.2 Patch Bugs Megathread

Server - NA

Type of bug - patcher won't finish download

Description - Patcher stops at 266 Mb remaining

Screenshot - None

Steps to reproduce - Downloaded, Reinstalled, Followed steps in Support forums, repeat

Expected Result - A working game

Observed Result - A broken Game

Reproduction Rate - The last 6 times I've downloaded the game

System specs - Sony Viao/Windows 7

Look I have tried everything I could find on the forums and hopefully this last one will work but I am doubtful. I have been attempting to solve this issue since 4am PST and it is now 1pm. I deleted the entire game which was obviously a huge mistake since now instead of just trying to install a patch it tries to install the entire game. It has been allowed through my firewall and run as admin, and my internet is stable but slow at around 600kbs. The first two times I ran the patch it froze at 33% so I deleted the game and reinstalled it, and now it just freezes at 66% but both times are when it hits 266 remaining Mb. The last 4 times (including this one) it takes forever since it is now installing close to 3k Mb. I tried looking through the forums for any other problems related to this and they have either all been buried under skin related issues or deleted, as even running a search only showed me posts about updates 4.1 and prior. The first two times (before I deleted the game) I switched over to EU and LAN servers which both times allowed the patch to finish downloading the patch and let me get to the login but told me that my username/password were invalid, and I also could not log in on the website. After a few hours I was able to log into the website but now when I switch servers it will not finish the download. I am currently re-re-re-re-re etc downloading it after doing a force patch update and if that works (again not hopeful) I will delete the comment and ticket. I also had problems when I initially installed the game the first time however I can not remember what they were or how I solved them.

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