9gag just posted this on fb...

Do we really need to spell this out again and again?

Sigh. OK. 'nice guy'(whom are always self proclaimed btw, you're not fooling anyone)

Girl doesn't know obviously because you're so absolutely vague and too careful to let on your actual feelings. And stop right there, this is fucking manipulative to pretend being her friend with ulterior motives. She's not going to trust you. Why should she? People who aren't honest and open about their intentions have this notable ability to also make it other people's responsibility that you have feelings about things. You don't understand a fucking boundary and it's noticeable. You are a mess with your feelings and fuck people up with that shit. So No. We just don't want any part of it. The moment i see that i run. Its not that i don't like sensitive guys, i love sensitive guys who understand boundaries. i hate emotional messes.

It's not that we don't like sensitive guys.. it's not that we like alpha males(we don't btw, everyting i read on TRP makes me vomit so stop shoving that shit on us)You don't even live in the same ballpark of sensitive and moved onto being narcissistic with your feelings and fling them at others like it's your poop they are to clean up for you. Who would want any of that?

So taking a break from your little fantasy about how horrible and superficial women are, lets take a moment to check on what reality is doing:

Another guy came along who is confident and doesn't fuff around his feelings playing shitty little manipulative games(wasn't a douche, wasn't abusive but this don't stop you from painting a shit picture of him) and he put in some effort. Did he spend some cash on a dinner? Maybe. Does it really warrant a childish drawing depicting he has nothing else to offer other than money and this is the extent of a woman's depth as you see it? Your view of women is this and you really do wonder why they don't want any part of you?

And what is with all the money?? What's your deal with that anyways? You're archaic view of the current society regarding women and money is so fucking outdated considering we can make our own(I know, it hurts, don't it, you can't just corral us like some cattle without a clue or money or any ability to look after ourselves without a male)

Get with the times already and face yourself and the truth of others. Failing that, See a therapist, own your feelings and stop being a mess on others with them.

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