The absolute cheek of addlepated fuckwits to question a users unmitigated gall at that are outside of their personal lexicon leads to an all out Battle Royale over who is using big words just to sound smart and who has the vocabulary of a mentally deficient preteen.

How about this, you addlepated fuckwit: your comment is so astoundingly ignorant that even if we presume satirical intention, it's still indicative of an individual whose moral compass is irrevocably broken - and the username to go with it simply hammers the point. You are an irredeemable piece of sub-human detritus.


Edit: For those who arrive after this post is 2 hours old: Yes, r/iamverysmart has been linked well over a dozen times already. No, I'm not changing my stance on anything. No, I don't have a mental illness. Yes, I actually speak like this. No, I'm not going to lose any sleep if you indiscriminately downvote all my posts because you don't like what I've said in this thread or how I've said it. If it's that big of a deal, I'd be tickled pink if someone could be so kind as to forward me a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary with all the unacceptable words redacted so we can avoid this nonsense in the future.

Okay that comment hes responding to was dumb but noone speaks like this i promise

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