Advice on doing better in Physics

Took physics last semester, did below average until I started studying and doing practice problems, then I started scoring ten or twenty points above average.

What helped me: * Chegg membership: this site has the answers to most textbooks I've looked up, and not understanding a problem or even the core principles behind it is tough, but it works out all problems in the books it has, step by step. I used it for studying, not just getting the right answer. Start with some of the conceptual questions first, then move on to actual numerical problems. Some people at my university share chegg accounts ($15 per month), so it might be a good topic to start a study group from. * Study group: never worked for me, I'm more socially awkward than anything, but if you have an assigned group you could start there, suggest that you guys muddle through the hard problems together * We had a workbook for or class that accompanied the book (it wasn't required though), just go above and beyond and force yourself to work from it, even just two per day helps keep it fresh * Make sure you have a good foundation, it's always the simple things that come back to bite you in the ass if you can't remember how to apply velocity equations or something seemingly irrelevant like that * Pay attention to the derivation of the equations, not just the equations themselves. Force yourself to believe that they're true, then you'll both remember them and be able to apply them better. * After class, go back over your notes and organize them (you know there will be a point where you're frantically looking for a specific equation or diagram), highlight new sections, draw boxes around equations, study diagrams, keep it organized. DO NOT throw away old notes, even after the class is done. There have even been classes where I use old notes from high school to look something up, and if you need statics or something then you might go back to your old physics notes one day.

That's really all I have, I know how tough this class is at first. It sounds like you went all out with your classes, but as long as you put any effort in at all you'll notice it in your grades. Good luck with everything!

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