Advice on letter-writing campaign/fundraiser with very limited network of people?

If at all possible, you can ask the friends you have to ask around, while you do the same thing. If they have the time, ask someone if they want to donate ect. So while your network might be small if they ask around it might help with getting more donations. Also see if anyone at your parent’s work place can donate/ ask you parents to ask at work if they can.

I know when I was in high school, I didn’t have that many friends. So when fundraisers and such came around I one went from door to door. And two asked my grandma to ask at work. So while I had few people in my network of friends and family. When I asked for help, they did. So while I never got number one in amount raised. I did manage to get a bit, every year, because I asked for help.

So yeah, also when asking people to donate have a little speech prepared. Like for my fundraiser I was selling pies and chocolates. So I would go on a spiel about how awesome the pies where and how they should soo buy them, when I went door to door. But since for you its straight up ‘give money’ type of thing emphasize on the “You’d be giving to a good cause”. Since acting like you know what you’re talking about helps when asking for money.

Also if you plan on doing over the phone, make sure to think of a way to keep the person on the line long enough. Since most people nowadays, just hang up on telemarketers and the like. But going door to door/talking to someone in person. Makes it more personal in a way, since my experience (unless they are rude) they won’t just slam the door on you and you have more time to make you case on why they should totally “donate to the good cause”.

This is just my input, really you should try and find something that would work well with the skills you have. I know door to door worked for me since, I’m good enough at acting that I just thought of selling ‘product’ I had as that, and went from there. But in the end, most of my sales came from my grandma’s end, from her asking at her work.

Hope that helped some in giving you some idea on where to start, I know sometimes things like this are really overwhelming.

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