Agreed to hang out with a guy today, is it ok for me to meet up and be like "yo this is a friendly hangout right?" to set boundaries?

Lmao it's funny cause I received this response as soon as I got back.

As far as I know (?) he didn't flirt, we basically spent the evening walking / talking and everything was super casual and chill. Very nice. 10/10 would do again.

I tried to be as cold as possible yet funny/witty and I tried to make as less eye contact as possible to avoid "leading him on". I even told him "I'm so glad I got to become friends with you guys" (guys = the people in the group we're both in) but idk if he picked it up? I really hope so.

I'm still confused but at this point I really hope he realised it was a friendly hangout. If not I'll definitely have to tell him next time, and it'd make me feel pretty bad cause this guy is so fucking cool. Like seriously, so cool. But I'm aromantic so I'll never be able to like him more than this. Sad.

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