AITA (29f) the for telling my sister (34f) that her swimsuit was wildly inappropriate for both her body size and the occasion (my dad's retirement party)?

HOLD UP I'm so confused. Everyone is saying YTA for "body shaming"... Yet There was a post like a week ago when someone's fat friend came to visit them in Japan and the fat friend was getting all sort of looks and she thought because she was white but the OP literally basically said "no it's because you're fucking fat" (not in those harsh words) and everyone was like applauding her for being honest and brave that she can tell her friend she's fat...

But this example ISN'T okay??? The friend could have just been like "oh yeah maybe it's because you're white." or "maybe they just like that shirt" or "maybe because they haven't seen hair like that" I don't fucking know she could have literally said any excuse in the book but no she went with "because they're not used to seeing fat people"

This Sub is SO fucking stupid and hypocritical and has bipolar I'm literally unsubscribing.

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