AITA for letting my ex-foster-dad be potentially homeless instead of helping him

The problem is that there are so few good foster parents out there, especially for older kids. So many assholes who should not be, are approved as there is a minimum requirement for getting approved.

I was a foster kid in my teens. My foster assholes would not even feed me anything more than ramen packets and that was only at dinner time. But they could show off a full fridge and pantry to the shitty overworked social worker. One day I decided fuck it and I would cook a single hotdog to go with my one ramen packet. Mrs. Brown lost her shit screaming at me that those foods were for her husband and children. She pulled that hot dog out the the water and put it back in the fridge. I ran away the next day. I got more to eat in dumpsters than I did in that foster home.

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