AITA for packing “healthy” food in my husbands lunch?

Unpopular opinion alert:

I think he had a bad day and went off in all the wrong ways. No, he's not right, but we all have particularly bad days sometimes. This doesnt seem like a regular issue, just something that happened THAT DAY. Bad days happen. I would be curious as to what the other trigger is, because I dont think the sticky hands were the only issue that day, just one he felt he had control over doing something about in the moment.

OP, you are NTA. HOWEVER: I would advise you two to have a good, healthy talk, rather than 'punishing' him by refusing to make his lunch or kiss him goodbye. TRUST ME, if anything happened to him, you would feel so horrible for so long for not having done these little things that I'm willing to bet you enjoy doing for him as little symbols of your love.

Fix the problem instead of adding to it. Sit down and have a good talk.

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