AITA for telling my neighbor/friend that she should hold off on adopting a cat because I'm looking into fostering a dog?

I already spoke with her and told her she should get the cat and I'll see if I can make sure the dog I get from the shelter has been around cats. So, no, what you said wasn't my intention.

But what I DID say was "Can you wait on the kitten until we see what kind of dog the shelter offers me?"

You know, I really didn't want to talk to the pet rescue group like "Hi, can I foster a dog but can it be absolutely perfect and be completely socialized with cats?" because I see a lot of that in the local animal rescue Facebook group. People asking specifically for small dogs, emotional support dogs, dogs that are hypoallergenic, etc. And when I told the building mates about the dog it was because I saw our living situation was really ideal bc the dog could be semi-free and everyone wanted a dog but no one wanted to be responsible for it.

So going from that to there being a kitten that is going to run around bc its litter box is going to be in our parking changes things a lot if it's a dog that's not used to cats. Also knowing that the only reason she's into a kitten is because I decided to foster a dog. Like it was literally hours after she was like "omg can I come with you to see the dogs at the shelter?"

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