AITA for telling my boyfriend that this relationship is not going to work if he doesn’t want kids?

NTA. If you want children, you need to be with someone who wants children too and who will support you through the massive changes and uncertainties that come with that. Personal story: I spent 3 years with someone who wasn’t sure. (They now have children with someone else, so it was likely more about our weak relationship than the kids thing, and I’m honestly glad it worked out for them with someone else because we would not have been good co-parents). Now I am in a good relationship with someone who does want kids, but we’re having unexpected fertility challenges that may take years and money to overcome. My partner is great about this and I can’t imagine how much more painful this process would be if I were with someone who was uncertain or unsupportive. Your BF is entitled to not want kids and to take his time to figure it out. Kids aren’t for everyone! But you don’t have to wait for him if you don’t want to. Ask yourself if, two or five years from now, he says no, will you be devastated to have lost those years or will you be ok with it? And is he proving himself to be the supportive and truly engaged and loving partner and father you need?

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