AITA for sharing my son's teacher's Instagram account with the other parents?

Yes. What's she going to do? Put Trump hats on the preschoolers? Does she DO anything actually wrong in her politics? Does she make racist statements? Does she burn crosses? Does she set cars on fire? What exactly is she participating in? Is she going to a Trump rally. I've been to one. I wanted to see what guy was actually saying and I no longer have any faith in American journalism. Either side. So I packed up and went. I laughed a great deal but what I didn't hear was anything racist, anything hatefilled. I didn't vote for him but I never heard him say what CNN reported the next day. I'm very glad I went. I went to a Biden rally too. I've been to numorous Obama events. I even attended Clinton events.OMG! Burn me at the stake.

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