[All] Are former socialist countries better off since their transition to capitalism?

Yes, socialized healthcare is a socialist project. You are an imbecile.

"why thousands of Romanians died fighting it in 1989"

I never said we endorse the direction of Ceaușescu. Socialism has no one definite direction, and we support democratic socialist projects. We don't care Ceaușescu or the direction of the then-Eastern bloc. But I have already written it to you. Can't you read?

"superior to socialism" only for an idiot who cannot count, hahaha :D Everybody with at least an average intellect prefers democratic socialism over your garbage.

"You are the one with zero sources so far", I told you you cannot count. :D You have proven it enough times.

I never said Netherlands is not liveable. It has no cities among the most livable ones. You can do your research easily, if you want. Anyway, I never said Netherlands is not liveable. We just do not prefer their direction, and we are better. If you love the Netherlands, your business. We don't care.

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