Of all the places, he chooses to sleep here.

You're basically saying people shouldn't make any posts that might AT ALL

Let me get this straight: I expressed my thought and you know better than me what exactly I was trying to express? I said I don't get why people lie on the Internet to get some points which mean nothing not only outside but even on this website.

get mad

Again: I didn't get mad. I opened an American website, found a picture of a cat with Brezhnev era house on background, opened comments to check if OP lives in an ex-USSR country. OP implied it was his cat, at least tone and confidence in its gender made me feel this way. OP even says “he chooses to sleep here” like OP knows where this cat normally sleeps.

Then I performed reverse Google Image search only to find this image wasn't original content. I screenshotted Google search results, put link to a screenshot in comments and added “This isn't your photo, OP”. Please read my comments again and point to any phrases which convey emotions.

>OP posts a picture of cat

>OP names cat's gender, a fact that cannot be learned from the picture itself since the cat is red

>OP pretends he knows this cat's personality: where the cat prefers to sleep

>“slightly ambiguous”

OP already did this ambiguous thing in past. OP says something that can be interpreted like OP took the picture. At the same time OP doesn't really say that clearly. So no one can blame OP for being deceptive.

Win-win situation for reposts since they get some extra karma points because you pretend you took the picture and it's original content. People open Reddit, give you upvotes, and forget about your existence in 10 seconds.

I'm not mad. My question is why. Why do you need to lie on the Internet? You don't even get any attention. Just some points in your profile. These points are useless even on Reddit.

Personally, I post a lot of shit on Reddit. But I try to link to the original source or at least I state I didn't create the content I submit on this website unless it's crystal clear who is the author (YouTube videos). I have a real phobia of being accused of stealing content. I got Reddit gold for post at /r/beards (I forgot to state the image wasn't mine). I instantly PMed the guy who gave it to me, thanked him and stated that I didn't create that gif, I only posted it on Reddit. I felt a bit of guilt for what happened. The gilder said it was totally fine and that he is okay with people sharing content.

I'm not mad. I just can't wrap my head around this behavior:

A title that slightly implies that OP has to do something with the picture. No answers in the thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/3d4vvo/this_prick/ct1zxik

https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1gnfr7/pancho_and_tibbs/ (Original source not mentioned, no answers in thread to questions about the pets.)

“Look at my girlfriend”, no answers to questions in the thread https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1d3439/my_gf_during_our_trip_best_pic_i_caught/

Literally says it's his picture, forgets to mention the source. No answers to questions in the thread https://www.reddit.com/r/bicycling/comments/1eivlj/got_a_nice_shot_on_campus_the_other_day_thought/

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