I am NeuroBill. I'm a neuroscientist who had worked Down-under, in Europe and back down-under again. Ask me anything about cellular neuroscience, working in three countries or having two passports!

So I have a question, did you assume through out this whole conversation that because I do not advocate for gay marriage (Which I would like to add had nothing to do with my question) that I would share the same ideals as other regardless of my question? I never once said I looked at it as, a choice, I was saying that, maybe addiction is as we think, addictive, ya know things being addictive and all and I was asking if there was any neurological backing for this, but instead I got a lecture about how my views that I never once expressed on here about homosexuality were wrong, I would say that was unprofessional and frankly kind of rude sense that means you made the assumption that because I was "Conservative" I was asking a question about choice regardless that, that was not my actual question, and I get this a lot were people who disagree with me tend to put me in a group of other people, which often leads them to dismissing me and or assuming things, which if you'd like a refresher, is how racism works, minus the history of oppression, and also the reason I am even sending this is that I said I didn't want to get into an argument about homosexuality since it had nothing to do with it, and it did, which is why I think you are being unprofessional because again, had nothing to do with it, and really just was unneeded in the first place, so please with out all the homosexuality choice talk, I would like to ask if there is a neurological backing to addiction being a consequence of not being happy and taking substances, not the substances themselves, I'm not saying its fact, I'm asking if there is some research that maybe suggest it.

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