Am I really that bad for wanting my (23F) bf (31M) to spend our FIRST new year's together instead of partying with his friend?

It's more than just tradition. I've brought it up with my boyfriend that the entire year, I've been attending events for him and this is the only time of the year I can invite him to do things. I hardly have stuff going on in the year. Im always his 'plus' one.

I assumed he didn't want to go because of my dad but he pulled the 'that's because my friends and family are nice' card which was so rude. My brother, sister and mother have been so nice to him it's like he took a jab at my family.

I've felt left out in his group of friends who are mostly in their 30s and I'm the only asian so I get it but I never took a jab at them.

I rejected his first compromise when he wanted to leave at 11pm to party when he originally told me he wanted to kiss me at midnight.

I'm introverted and all these social events overwhelm me.

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