I am sick of seemingly everyone in America bitching about not having more free shit

I get zero government assistance, I’ve never even thought of applying. I make minimum wage. I have $7000 saved in my account. I have $450 in my wallet and a paycheck sitting on my Nightstand. I left my fathers three years ago with my clothes, cooking utensils, collections, and electronics most of which my ex girlfriend got for me. I live in a two story Victorina town home in a great area close to work. It has a fucking kitchen island, a porch, balcony, master bedroom with a bath, you name it. Even an broken hot tub in the loft. I’ve had the same vehicle paid in full for 8 years. Life is so easy it sketches me out and i get paranoid. This is way too damn easy. Why are people struggling? Why are people living pay check to pay check? I make god damn $10 am hour and less than a mile across state like minimum wage is $11. What is going on? I don’t understand. People need to get together their human devices (wits about oneself) and get fucking huddling. We are better than this as a species life in society is so easy it was literally made for giving the least effort and surging, that’s why we have it for fucks sake.

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