An open letter to R/Christianity from a lesbian

As a member of the Church of Christ, I hold no ill thoughts or contempt for you. I think the CoC is just as guilty as any church body, for cherry picking biblical based issues to have unrest with. This is coming from someone mind you, who did not grow up in the CoC. I started going about 2 years ago and was baptised a year ago, so I still consider myself fresh to the whole ordeal. But what I have seen, is a church like many others, who is guilty of jumping on the bandwagon to dislike and preach about the "popular sins" if you will. I've seen a lot of Christianity as a whole place homosexuality up on a pedestal, and elevate it as if to give it a higher degree on the pecking order of "things we shouldn't do". I had a single preacher, at my old congregation, in a small South Carolina CoC, that gave a single sermon on not doing just that. He told us that it wouldn't matter who walked through those doors, or who we met out in our day to day travels: everyone should receive our love and respect. Everyone should be discrimination free, because if we're ever to grow and spread God's word, how in the world can we do it while publicly ostricizing a group or groups of people? Who are we to judge? Who are we to close our arms and doors and turn people away?

Needless to say, his sermon stuck with me. He was also the man who baptised me some months later, the day before I left town to start a new job and find a new congregation. But enough on that.

You find yourself in a unique position OP. One that can help to bridge gaps and repair the bonds that Christians and the rest of the world should have. Now I'm not saying you have a personal crusade on your hands. But what I am saying, is that just as we should show love and compassion to everyone (even Jeffrey Dahmer was baptised after all), you have the ability to continue making it known that Christianity isn't this big collective hive mind of hate (when the opportunity arises). Every group, and I mean every group, had its bad apples, its bigots, and its fair share of misguided or just plain wrong people. So I'd like to thank you for not succumbing to the opposite hive mind of "those stupid, bigoted Christians are at it again".

Peace and happiness to you, and may you always find a way to walk in the footsteps of our lord.

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