Analysts Blame Poor Marketing For 'Solo' Box Office Failure, Not Fatigue/Backlash

Dude, who cares what the fans expected? This is a family film in a franchise of family films lol.

Rey turning evil defeats the point of her character and takes away the inspiring message of the film and everyone wanted Rey to turn evil. There is nothing thematically impactful about that. It's just boring cynical trash.

And most of the 'twists' (I think you need to know what that word means becaause you clearly don't) are needed for the plot and themes.

Luke is a bitter old man because that is needed for the plot and themes and follows the monomyth. Why do you guys criticise Rey of being a Mary Sure when you want the OT characters to be a Gary Stu. Finn didn't join the resistance yet, he only fought for Rey. Poe was a hero. Who said he wasn't? The characters even say he is a hero in TLJ. He was just incompetent at being a leader. There is a difference lol.

DJ had character development, he didn't have a character arc but that is because he was there to help Finn's character.

And why do you care now that there is gravity in one scene? The series has always defied the laws of physics lol. Now people are getting mad.

Fuel has always worked like that in star wars. You even have characters being told to fuel up in some of the movies and is mentioned a lot in clone wars. I guess you forgot all about that.

And Luke had to come back as a hologram. It was a way to taunt Kylo, a way to stall the resistance by seeming like a real hero and follows the monomytb.

ESB only worked because you guys got what you didn't wanted.

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