Angel Beats! Ending Reaction

Heeeeey! I just finished rewatching Angel Beats too!

Wasn't as good as my first time watching it... but it still tugged at my heartstrings though watching the scene with ending song playing featuring the whole cast. (this is still one of the few animes where I watch the entire ending song sequence)

Thought a lot of the love ships that appeared in the anime appeared a bit too jarring... not enough foreshadowing in my opinion. But for a show with only 13 episodes, I think it's still did a great job at telling a good, enjoyable story.

>!It was almost kinda funny when Kanade just goes "ok thanks, bye!" and disappears as the MC gives his whole confession ... but I did like that scene since it made the MC more human - he's not some flawless saint that only strives to help others. He had his own agendas/motivations too!<

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