Do any if you have a single event that you feel sparked your anxiety?

I'm sorry that happened to you. I honestly feel your pain.

I'm a guy and 19 years old. I have been called good looking my whole life by many ppl I've come across throughout my life. Things such as dimples, good hair, jaw line, height are apparently some of my good features.

However, it doesn't do shit to my self confidence. Others may disagree.

When I was in elementary school I was called 'shy' by everyone. My parents, my teachers, and eventually my classmates. The thing was I never noticed I was so shy. And when I did notice, I fixed it and became outgoing. Years later I go to middle school, and of course my classmates from my oldschool still remember me as the 'shy' one (though I wasn't anymore). They mention to others that I'm 'shy' and it brings down my self confidence, and I slowly become shy. Then I bring myself back up and fixed it by highschool.

I tried to talk as much as possible even annoying myself in the process. I was making friends so much easier and my life was good!

Towards the end of the first semester of highschool, one teacher says in the middle of class 'I'm glad you don't talk as much as the other kids'. I felt anger rise through me and i freaked out at him 'Well wtf do you mean I don't talk as much!'. The class went silent.

From this point on the struggle to recover had been so difficult. I may have been a bit shy before. But I was no longer shy, I had no emotions. I became purely socially awkward and depressed. I can't communicate without forcing myself to. And to this day I have had some form of depression though I've not seen a doctor. I am lonely and feel I can't find a girl who will ever accept me (though I've never even asked a girl out).

Within 5 years I learnt basic human interactions again and was on my way back to happiness and SA free. Until just an hour ago, a person I believed was my friend brought up randomly in a group of 8 ppl 'you and my 7 year old brother are the same, you have two sisters and your both 'SHY''

It killed me. And I left them because I felt all the struggle from my entire life coming back to haunt me. And I give up. I've tried absolutely everything. The only way I can start over is if I leave my city and start a new life where ppl don't know me.

When my friend had said this I left the group minutes later and now I'm writing this for some kind of help, some sort of support... I need someone.. as I am close to tears. Any advice at all?

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