Any other tall golfers have advice on driver lengths?

Also 6'-6" height, all irons are 1" longer than standard and 3* upright on the loft (don't forget upright loft adds perceived club length) I play standard length 3 wood and 5 wood. My driver is 3/4" shorter than standard (had it shortened). So driver is 45" long and 3 wood is 43" long. Having the shorter length did slightly reduce my swing speed, however my distance increased about 10 yds carry because I was hitting the "sweet spot" of the face more consistently, better control. Also the shorter length resulted in a draw as opposed to a fade so I get more role out now than before. When I first noticed this I questioned My instructor who told me this is very common for taller golfers because the majority have steeper down swings. Trial and error is the best thing. Just put some masking tape on your grip about an inch lower and set your hands there, see how it feels. Everything is different from person to person and height and arm length are only starting points when doing a fitting.

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