Has anyone here retired in Australia?

I'm fatfired in Sydney. I split my time between US/AU and East Asia.

- As mentioned there is the investor visa is an option, each state has their own requirements and I'm not sure if there has been any current recent changes. Look for a local solicitor in Australia who is up to date on current requirements. There is also a backdoor method if you get NZ citizenship and you stay in Australia indefinitely, New Zealand also has a investor visa program and the tax rates are much better.

- I'm not going to get into the Melbourne vs Sydney debate but I personally prefer Sydney due to the better weather.

-There are no downsides besides the high tax rates. I live close to CBD so I can charter a to fish for kingfish in the morning, take a walk from my flat to the opera house and walk to my office all within 15 minutes. Life is Australia is pretty awesome if you can afford it.

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