'Appalled' Trudeau calls for investigation of shooting of Canadian doctor during Gaza protests

Waiting for the shills to come out in force and condemn Trudeau... let me spare you all, I’ll go ahead and say what you’ll say for you:


2) What does Tredeau know anyways

3) Palestinian terrorist, terrorist terrorists, hamas, terrorists

4) it wasn’t a protest, they also had sticks and stones

5) there was articles saying hamas was involved

6) Israel deserves the right to defend itself..... from sticks and stones

7) terrorists


9)you’re anti-Semitic

There, I saved you the trouble, now go and try to flip the script by misconstruing what the hamas leader said earlier even though it’s been proven over and over that translated from Arabic he didn’t say they were hamas, but they were martyred and the hamas part was about the cause

Fuckin shills, can’t stand them

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