Are Dolly Parton and Betty White the only women we can come up with when Reddit asks "Which celebrities/actors are actually great people?"?

Bruce Campbell(greatest actor if all time)- loves his fans, I watched him sign autographs for 6 hours straight. Supports the troops at events and everyone who works with him loves him.

Henry Rollins (Black Flag band, actor, writer) - does a lot of USO work supporting disabled troops, every spoken word tour he comes out after and really engages his fans and loves meeting people.

Alan Tudyk( actor, voice actor) took the time at his signing to talk and meet with every fan for hours. Made my wife cry he was so sweet, and has a great record on sets of being great to work with.

Kevin Smith ( actor, director, comic writer) - I watched him sign autographs for four hours, take a smoke break, introduce his parents and then stayed late to sign for fans who missed the cutoff for autographs. Donated all the money he gets from residuals of his Miramax fims to charity after the Harvey Weinstein ordeal.

These are just a few I've got to meet more than once and keep up with. I was going to add Stan Lee but he is in a league of his own.

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