Are Intel's current line of chips overpriced and obsolete, now that the new Ryzen chips are here? Is there any good reason to choose Intel over AMD right now?

I want to start this reply by saying that I haven't heard about Intel in a long time. The last time I've heard about intel was when I heard AMD is putting Intel down to their knees. AMD is much more popular then Intel right now, and we might be seeing a time when AMD is going to get closer then ever to Intel in terms of market share.

Intel CPUs are like Apple phones: Most people buy them because that's what they know. Intel invented the "consumer" CPU with the Intel 4004 sometime in the 1970s. By comparison, AMD only joined the ride in 2003, meaning that many more people were familiar with Intel then AMD, thus helping Intel's monopoly on the CPU market thrive and allowing Intel to price their CPUs whatever the hell they wanted to. This is not the case anymore; AMD is taking over the market. Fast. And the monopoly of Intel over the CPU market is coming to a close. AMD is rising in popularity, with better specs and lower prices. Intel is no longer the best choice for Gaming. It's tied with AMD for that title.

With the new Ryzen CPUs, Intel might be devestated. AMD is like Aldi; They need to have extremely competitive prices in order to stay afloat, which is what they do, and it is threatning Intel. Intel is going down in popularity while AMD is going up in popularity.

HOWEVER, and this is very, very important, this might all be a scheme. And I am not talking about something like a Ponzi scheme, I am saying that everyone's expectations are very high, and the situation with Ryzen might be like what happened with No Man's Sky; The creators promised a bunch of stuff that seemed too good to be true, and in the end, it was. This might be happening with AMD, but as a proud fan of AMD, I believe in AMD to do what's right and blow Intel out of the water. In the end, we don't know if any of this is gonna happen, so we just have to wait to Early July and see if all of these allegations are real, though I have faith in AMD,

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