Are psychology degrees worth anything in the UK?

No - the OP confused two unrelated subjects, thinking they’re the same thing.

A social work degree is a professional qualification, with a lot of vocational work, and passing it means that from day one you can work as a SW from day one in a regulated, named profession, with no further qualifications required.

Psychology - to work as “psychologist”, “psychiatrist”, etc. (which are branches of medicine), you need significant postgraduate qualifications on top. You don’t even need a psychology bachelors, but you do need these postgrads.

It was me who mentioned engineering. Not in any way to denigrate it whatsoever. But to compare it to, say, medicine. MBChB (medicine degree) = you are a doctor now. You can go and work as a (junior) doctor straight away, with no further qualifications required (notwithstanding any future further study). BEng = you’re not “an engineer” until you find a job working as one. That’s not to say there aren’t excellent career opportunities - there obviously are.

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