Arkimedes - Life We Know [Alt Rock]

BIOGRAPHICAL INFO Arkimedes currently consists of Blake Tancock and Marina Campsall.

Marina was classically trained throughout her youth. She performed in musical productions from a young age into her early twenties. She grew up listening to a range of music from, “Stompin’ Tom Connors” to Sutton Foster on Broadway. Marina began her arts degree at Uvic and is currently finishing it at TRU in Kamloops, BC. She plans to attend the Education program at UBCO.

Blake played in bands throughout high school and into his early twenties. He grew up listening to a mixture of the old classics and modern rock. He was never classically trained and generally writes from his heart and gut. When music stopped working out he put down his guitar and picked up the books. He completed his undergrad in International Business and is currently enrolled in his second year at TRU Law School.

The two met through mutual friends just over a year ago and learned of each other’s love for music. They quickly went to work.

Marina began the painstaking process of trying to teach Blake how to sing and Blake began hammering out songs on his old acoustic guitar and writing lyrics on almost everything he could. Marina took it from there and covered the vocal lines. The result is a new take on Alt Rock. They started playing and haven't looked back. This was only seven months ago. They managed to sell out two acoustic shows and bank enough money to hit Roadside Studios in Vancouver, BC.

The duo have just completed their debut EP, "First", set to release April 8, 2015.

They both understand that "real" life may eventually set in, but aren't quite ready to give up on their dream of playing music for a living just yet.

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