Armed guy takes Dutch crew and newsreader hostage. Apparently wanted to be aired live & read a letter to disclose 'important information for the public'. Supposedly said he belonged to a hackers collective who worked for an intelligence agency. Police suddenly rush in and overwhelm him.[video]

This is a more or less decent translation I did quickly of what is said in the vid (HOS=hostage taker, OFF= guy offscreen):

HOS: I think this looks cool [points at the set] OFF: I'm as nervous as you are... HOS: yes OFF: but, I, have at home...I'd really like to go home.. HOS: yes, I understand that mister. OFF: i'm not going to hold you back in any way HOS: yes, I understand OFF: running the risk...yes? HOS: yes OFF: And I'm happy that you too want me to go home HOS: yes OFF: We have to make sure that you..this HOS: hmm OFF: this is done for a reason HOS: Sure, yes ofcourse.

HOS: I hope you'll...would you please want to go sit over there in a moment when I'm able to begin?

HOS: I'll promise nothing will happen to you but...

HOS: See, if I sit here on my own than it's possible, they could even already be outside...because...the things that I'm gonna say are truly 'big world' things. We are, so to speak, contracted by intelligence agencies and in that capacity we've come across information that dispute the current state of civilizations. And we are going to make that public. So, that's why I've said before 'we're not bad guys'.

OFF: hmm

HOS: because we also do this for the common citizen, But that's why it is possible that those higher up, I don't know, tell outsiders 'yeah, just kill him. No one must hear this.' So if I'm just sitting her on my own then chances are that they'll think 'let's storm in and riddle him with bullets'.

OFF: I don't know..I assume the control room is...? I hope that you'll...if I sit there.. HOS: I, we can shake hands on it OFF: you understand? Not that you'll take me along in this proces HOS: no no definitely not. But I want...I'd like you to stay here so there's less chance of them doing something like that OFF: i see HOS: if my speech is finished I'll let you go OFF: but ok, when your speech is finished then you'll go outside with me.. HOS: no i think..I let you go earlier. i'll let myself be apprehended in here. OFF: yes ok... HOS: then i'll let you go outside OFF: ok HOS: you can go outside then

HOS: But this is taking too long. OFF: director..can you hear me? you do have a live mic by the way HOS: yes, but, isn't there any contact with...

Hos: This takes too long... OFF: yes...somebody? control room?

OFF: well, you've heard the same as I HOS: yes. OFF: that the microphone is working. HOS: yes the microphone is working but I need to know that we are live on air. And I'm still not receiving anything (fiddles mith his earpiece)

OFF: but allright, can only hear them? HOS: yes OFF: they can not hear you? HOS: yes OFF: you understand..because you are right here now..with a microphone HOS: yes OFF: and a camera pointed at your head. you see, you are in the frame. that's the feed that goes outside, so to say HOS: but how do I know that I can be seen on television OFF: yes exactly, you see, that's something you've got to hear from those other people HOS: yes. But just now I heard something like 'the microphone is working' or something...Oh, there's the police already. Let them do what they have to do.. OFF: I sincerely hope so...may I go outside HOS: Later, when the speech is done

HOS: .. stay.. (gestures, raises voice)..what are you doing? [inaudible voice from outside the studio] Police officer: Police! Drop your weapon! [drops the weapon] Police: drop it HOS: I droipped it. I dropped it. I have dropped it. [yelling] officer walks into frame: steady now. steady. turn around. officer: lay down. calm.On your belly. arms behind your back Officer: any suspicious movement will warrant targeted shots, do you understand? HOS: yes officer: allright. situation under control

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