Asian woman, 65, suffers a fractured pelvis after shocking daylight attack in Midtown Manhattan while two security guards standing nearby do NOTHING to help

I can't help it, the people standing by watching - and then closing the fucking door, infuriate me more.

I guess I feel like the attacker has to be fucked in the head - crazy or high - to do such a horrific thing.

But the bystanders, they're just "normal people" and they have no empathy whatsoever for that poor woman. The guy walks away and they still shut the door. How does anyone do that?

Rationally I know they are probably afraid, but I can't help feel like that door close is a condoning of the attack.

I'm a middle aged woman, so I'd know I couldn't stop the guy. But as soon as he walked away I would have at least gone to help her. I couldn't not do that. I couldn't live with myself if I did nothing.

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