Australia to spend $500 million on coronavirus vaccines for Southeast Asian and Pacific neighbours

I agree to an extent. Take for instance the news on Lentz in NY, it's hard to believe that he is actually serious about what he preaches with the news of what he has done. Now I don't believe that it's all bad with everybody at the top, but when a church gets as big and powerful as Hillsong with the amount of money they are bringing in, it's not all that surprising that there are bad people there.

I mean, I don't thinking seeking answers or wanting to help the world is manipulation if the church is actually doing that though. There are tons of organizations that seek to find voluntary members that are offering a chance to find a good purpose or seek answers of some kind.

Also, I'd say that the problem with Christian churches tend to be about human flaws, we are greedy and manipulative by nature when given power (ie. Stanford prison project). I'd be hard pressed to find any huge organization that doesn't have equally as many bad people within it.

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