"AWALT" is not the sine qua non of RP thought and is wildly overemphasized in importance by non RP people

all women are radical feminists.

Nope. Most manospherians from what I have gathered over the years make claim that women are at least lower case f feminist and not upper case F feminists, who are women that tend to be visible, vocal and involved in academics and social justice. They claim that these lower case f feminists are reaping the benefits of upper case F feminists efforts and women's silence on issues (including bigotry) affecting men is indicative of people who are at least lower case f feminist. They also make the claim that female nature and feminism is intertwined.

And gftmom earned degrees in philosophy. But what's stopping you from calling all those philosophers (like Friedrich Nietzsche--inb4 accusation of comparing the two) that had "misogynist" views of women "pseudo-intellectual"? The problem with you people is your tendency to conclude that any man who criticizes and lambastes women for certain flaws is an incel and pseudo-intellectual.

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