Is it bad to read the ERV version? (Easy to read Version)

First of all that's a load of bulldust. KJV has hundreds of translational errors. When you say there's only one version that is 100pct holy you mean it's the original Hebrew and Greek. KJV is a translation of those copies with heaps of errors. You do know before the KJV there were Bible's right. Many many Bible's that don't even get recognition before KJV. Of coarse you guys have such a strong hold religious spirit and you won't listen so I'm not going to post all the KJV errors here but you need a rebuke the way you carry on. So do you hold fast to the apochrapha? Hmm the Catholic book nooooo they took that out didn't they but it was in original version. So is that holy.

My reply is not to you because you guys don't listen but it's to the person who posted the question. Let me just give you two translation errors one being the funniest and the other not many know about but it's very funny or serious because this is one of the biggest mocking points among KJV only guys that the evil Niv currupted son of the morning or son of dawn into morning star. But who made the first translation error and not many even know this. But I was in a lecture from a messianic Rabbi that was from same family line as Saul/Paul he was a Sanhedrin rabbi as was his family going back to the beginning. This guy was known to prime Minister ad they tried to kill him when he was born again because he was converting all the jews just from his testimony, anyway Jesus appeared to him and now he preaches Yeshua is Moshiac. He has studied original Hebrew language that Bible was written in and he said that verse is not son of the morning or son of the dawn at all but the proper translation is- (son of Worship). Because lucifer was the cheif angel in charge of worship. Jesus is the morning star so it makes no sense that lucifer was son of the morning as that is what morning star is (Venus) the first star that appears in the morning so it's a total error to translate that and lead to morning star-niv. but proper translation from original Hebrew is only son of worship. Watch out when looking at how you interpret original Hebrew and Greek because that's another post in itself on the tools they use.

But the funniest is next one. Ohh this one has me in fits of laughter all the time because the KJV guys won't even fall on their sword and say they got it wrong. I'll let you read it and laugh.

And the men that died not were smitten with (hemorrhoids) : and the cry of the city went up to heaven. 1 Samuel 5:12 KJV

The proper interpretation should say tumours but here it's translated hemorrhoids bahhaHaha. Not sure anyone has ever died from hemorrhoids lol. I actually just had a colonoscopy because I had little bit of blood in my poop and doctor said: had this worried you, I said, ' no, i had it for years but the Philistines were terrerfied and this was Gods best breaking out in wrath with hemorrhoids. Millions of people in Australia get hemorrhoids and none of them are terrerfied. Most never get them fixed. So please the KJV only guys just grow up. Actually study the original Hebrew and Greek and not the internet. Like I said I would post the hundreds of errors but you won't read them, you are to holy. Burn me at the stake lol I'm a heretic.

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