So it begins...welcome to Gilead

I tend to disagree with the American involvement. We are a huge supporter of Israel because they’re one of our biggest allies in the area among other reasons. We provide lots of funding to their country, so it’s in our interest to be aware of the politics, the corruption, and address any sort of malfeasance that impacts foreign policy and Israel’s stance to the rest of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been many instances where the US has interjected in foreign affairs - regime change, war, etc. that I don’t agree with. We’re not the world’s police, but with Israel, we certainly have a stake in their success.

I digress. Israel is half a world away, however it’s not as pressing as domestic issues for me. I just find Israel’s history and their place in modern society very interesting.

I wanted to share this podcast with you. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and it sparked an interest in Israel. Since I listened to it, I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about Israel. It can be hard to look at it through an objective lense at times, but I find myself sympathetic to

Also, thanks for the thought-provoking dialogue. Reddit doesn’t always scream “civil discourse”, so I appreciate when I can engage with someone that is informed and has an opinion and can support their opinion.

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