Behind the words

Okay, since this dipshit subreddit's dipshit userbase has decided to upvote your dipshit post, let me explain why you're (wait for it) a complete dipshit, much less one who shouldn't be allowed to post here.

Is my overuse of redundant profanity getting it through your Cro-Magnon skull, or do I have to swear every other word like your low-class ilk do when you can't come up with a half-decent adjective to describe your oh-so-righteous indignation with a figment of your imagination?

You're passing judgment on someone who feels isolated & alone based on an unreal scenario you have dreamed up in your delusional little head. Rule #1: violated immediately - you are ridiculously hostile for absolutely no reason, and to whom? The OP? The creator of the graphic? Do you even know who you're talking to?

Rule #2: smashed into microscopic particles by your baseless conclusion that whichever person's feelings of aloneness, worthlessness & inadequacy are "egotistical," and that he's hyperbolically trying to entrap people using melodramatic conversational gambits - evidence of which, again, exists nowhere beyond the four tiny walls of your own skull-shaped kingdom.

Your contention appears to be that people should "go along to get along," since you rant about "small talk" as some sacrosanct ritual of social order whose questioning or defiance are cause for calumny & ostracism. This approach ignores the fact that small talk is inherently worthless & vapid - why should anyone pretend to feel okay just so they don't, God forbid, annoy you by having the temerity to be honest about how they feel?

Maybe you shouldn't ask people how they're doing if you're so heartless that you can't bring yourself to actually care about their answers. Maybe you should stop being a disingenuous little fuck who's only expelling the useless air out of his tobacco-stained lungs to pass the time in as bland & inoffensive a fashion as possible, and actually try to engage with people for once in your self-centered, solipsistic little life.

You also don't know what the word "sincerity" means, since you used it to describe the act of hiding one's feelings to be polite. That's the opposite of sincerity - duplicity.

You're talking about "friends" & peddling notions of social grace & propriety in a subreddit whose entire purpose is to welcome people who can't connect with other human beings? Are you honestly that retarded?

And are the utterly useless mods here just going to let you impose the same unjust social hierarchy upon the downtrodden as people in real life sanction upon FAs?

If this caveman cretin's surreptitious, socially-acceptable abuse of people - his subversion of personal pain in service of some nebulous, delicate "greater social whole" that can't get off its fainting couch if someone lets the mask slip on how poorly they're really doing - is how this sub's meant to devolve & die, then I really don't care if you ban me for this post, by the way. If you're going to just let replies like his stand, I want nothing to do with your anti-intellectual sub.

If you're more inclined to actually do your jobs & clear out fascists like this guy, though, I'm reporting his post right now.

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