Do you believe censorship is a big part of your job as a parent? How do you choose what is important to censor?

Before having a child I never thought much about censorship or such. I've just figured it out as I've went along and read a number of parenting books, blogs, and watched parenting videos. I have discussions with my husband regularly and brainstorm on things. I go with my gut too.

I listen to punk still. I listen to metal more. I have a kid. She is 6. She has heard all the bad words. She is aware of how to handle bad words, why they are not appropriate to repeat, etc. Talks have been had many times on this matter as a clean mouth is different than words that she will hear throughout her whole life. Kids can handle the news. We don't have traditional cable to see news but we discuss news at the kitchen table. Reality is ok. I love SpongeBob and I'm mid 30's. Censoring books like that is just silly. We read SpongeBob books too.

Just because I'm like this all above doesn't mean that I don't have values. Some people would equate it to that ... but they don't get it. I actually have talks regularly with my daughter about values, morals, and ethical behavior. We practice it in real life with things like picking up trash along the roadside, holding doors for others, and such. Please, Thank You, You're welcome. Patience. Honesty. Cooperation. I could go on. "Innocense of youth" .... I find people talk of this when they don't want their kids to know about sex.

It's just real interesting how hung up people get and the power struggles they start in their own homes. We don't use filters or anything of the such but rather just simply monitor well overall and teach.

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