Best grocery store?

Aside from the farmers markets (downtown and Ottawa Street on Saturdays) and a couple of other local shops, I tend to avoid the major grocery stores around here due to their flimsy organics sections. Instead, I usually do a weekly run to Whole Foods in Oakville for a lot of our groceries, and every 3 months or so, I go across the border and stock up on my favourites from Trader Joe's and Wegmans (hello organic sweet cream butter!). I do actually try to shop local as much as I can, and in a pinch, I go to the Mustard Seed or Goodness Me, but I've found them to be more expensive than Whole Foods with less variety. My system isn't for everybody, I get that, but it works for me. I actually enjoy grocery shopping, and I don't mind the driving --but if they were to ever open a Whole Foods (or even a Farmboy) in Hamilton, I'd be one of the first in line.

Just to add - I haven't had a chance to check out Nations yet, but it's on this week's To-Do list and I'm looking forward to it. :)

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