Best long arm for a woman to use for home defense

I'm thinking of something for her to rely on every day, not just while she's at home. You didn't even mention anything about her possibly being in a concealed or open carry state when you commented. And no, you used enlarged letters, not uppercase. THIS IS UPPERCASE. I don't know how to do the enlarged letters like you did when you called me a Boomer. I'm not thinking of something directly pertaining to home defense, I'm thinking of something for every day defense, as OP said she lives in a sketchy part of town, which could mean muggers, rapists, burgalars, the whole gang, you name it. You might not have seen this, but I did and I decided to mention some examples of handguns for the factor of inconspicuousity, as she is going to want something to surprise her criminal with, and that could easily deter the criminal. Firing a round or two and hitting them will further deter the criminal and they will most likely fall to the ground, unable or unwanting to move.

And yes, I know a majority of the US is open or concealed carry, but where I come from it's kinda illegal to do either in public, and even on your own property by just aiming, as I have no privacy fence, there are people living up on a hill above me, and I live in a town that's close to a very bad city with gangs that produce drugs and do the whole lot of crime and a mafia that cotrols the PD in the city. Don't believe me? Good, you don't have to, I'm not gonna give out my personal information just for you to get a better understanding at the situation that that city is currently in.

Your argument is invalid because you're only thinking of a topic or reference pertaining to the question being asked. I'm thinking outside the box and giving an example of something she can discreetly keep on her person until the time arrives to use it.

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