best straight girl stories?

it was my junior year of high school. I'd been invited to a party by the most popular and beautiful girl in school, I'll call her Sam. she was drop dead gorgeous. I liked to fantasize and day dream about her, but ultimately knew she was straight and nothing would ever come out of it. so, I'm pretty drunk at this party. we're playing drinking games, and things are getting pretty heated. someone suggested body shots, and that's when Sam takes off her lovely shirt to expose her beautiful, flat stomach. she lays on the table and stretches her whole body out. GOD IT WAS HOT. Sam turns to me, looks directly into my eyes, and says "I want you." GOD I FUCKING DIED. so I proceed to take shots off her gorgeous belly. after that, she pressed me up against a wall and said "I want to sleep with you tonight." I again died, creamed myself, and then died again. later, people start falling asleep. I was really hoping she'd been serious about sleeping with me. we end up in a bed in the basement together, AND THEN SOME GUY DECIDED TO JOIN US. I thought it would stop her from wanting to hook up, but we made out anyways. she grinded her ass into my crotch all night. it was hot. never spoke about it when we woke up. except for that time I drunkenly confessed my love for her a year later. God I'm such a mess.

it's a year later, and I'd been invited to another party by the same group of people. It was senior year, and i was mainly going to these parties to hopefully make out with Sam. it never happened again after that night the year before, but shit, a girl can dream. Sam wasn't there that night-- so I drank heavily with all my friends. Sams close friend, we'll call her Jordan, had been talking to me all night. this was normal, as id known her for four years and wed played tennis together/had a bunch of classes together throughout high school. i started noticing that she'd follow me from room to room to chat. i was wondering if she was just drunk as hell and really took a liking to me..or if she may have been flirting? so, I ended up in a room with a couple people. In walks Jordan, and she immediately grabs my hand. she's just holding it. I'm standing there, baffled because I didn't understand WHAT WAS GOING ON. she had never suggested that she was gay, or attracted to women at all. she was also extremely beautiful and "high school popular". I was also confused as to why she'd want to hook up with me when every single guy at any party every threw themselves at her. but whatever. we ended up hooking up in a bed with another occupant. this happened the entire year. we never spoke about it while she was sober, which made me feel really shitty /:

the last time she came onto me was one of the last parties of senior year. I was starting to get sick of these parties, but forced myself to go. I was late-- and everyone was probably blacked out by the time is gotten there. I was stone cold sober, and in a pretty bad mood. I walked into a room in the basement, and I see Sam sitting next to a guy who'd liked her all year. they seemed intimate, and I shrugged and said my hellos, and walked away. I went upstairs, and not five seconds later she was sitting beside me. she asked me if I wanted to take a walk, if I wanted to make out. I asked her "but Jordan, you never acknowledge this sexual attraction we have when we are sober. are you gay? bi? do you like women? are you toying with me?" she responded with something along the lines of, "I just want to fuck you, why's that so bad?" being in a shitty mood and tired of these meaningless hookups, I pressed further. she kept repeating herself, "I just want to kiss, I just want to kiss you" she kept begging me--literally begging-- to go outside to make out, or to go to a bed to fuck. I just said no. I kept saying no. she persisted, but then realized it wasn't going to happen. that night, she had sex with the guy from downstairs. they started dating, and have been together for five years now. that was when I was 17. I am now 22. whew (:

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