Bill Cosby seeking plea deal to avoid sex assault trial

There is exactly as much actual evidence to doubt as to believe him.

Where is your evidence and proof to doubt it?

He admitted to drugging women before sleeping with them. He drugged them with a sedative. You are going way beyond the line of plugging your ears and screaming to be as dismissive by saying it was 'sex, drugs and rock and roll'. It wasn't, nothing of the like and any proof you have that it was anything like that can be linked. I have read his other trial where does it sound anything remotely close to what you claim of 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' it was 'I drugged women before I slept with them'. That isn't said by someone looking to is said by someone looking to do something without the others approval.

The problem with all of this is, we don't have all of the information and never will

While I agree we don't and won't, you are MASSIVELY trying to be dismissive and you are ignoring the connections and context.

no matter how respected and credible they are it doesn't mean they are telling the truth in this instance. Just because someone said one true thing does not affect the truth of anything else they say.

Oh, so like how Cosby said the truth about drugging women and is now lying about not rapping them. That is what you mean, right? Someone telling the truth before doesn't mean they aren't lying now, right? Funny, you tried to dismiss the sources but you also dismissed the guy you are trying so hard to defend.

Settlements aren't an admission of guilt, it is just an admission that paying your lawyers and the damage to your reputation would be worth more than the settlement.

And people don't pay settlements for no reason. I can't tell if you are purposely trying to ignore the information and context or if you just want to think others are this dumb. If those people were wrong and Cosby could win against them...he would grand slam them in court and his image wouldn't be damaged like you claim. According to what you say, we can all claim Cosby did something to us and get paid because he won't even want to go to court. Except he would take us to court since we all would be lying and that would be easy to prove.

Has absolutely nothing to do with rape

And how doesn't it? You are trying to hard to be so dismissive of the info against him that you literally won't form the connections that the prosecutors are forming. These aren't random women. He admitted to drugging women before sleeping with them and he admitted to sleeping with these women. Just because he admitted to drugging women doesn't mean he drugged these's the fact that he admitted to both things and the women he admitted to sleeping with are claiming he did the other thing he admitted too. Someone has to be pretty daft to ignore that.

You went above and beyond to try to dismiss and ignore the actual evidence against him. He isn't looking for a plea deal because he knows he will win, he is looking for one because he knows that with the evidence against him...he will lose.

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