Boris Johnson to be replaced with melting ice sculpture after dodging climate change TV debate | Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will be represented in Thursday’s televised debate on climate change by melting ice sculptures, after both leaders decided not to show up

Because there are three main groups that make an impact:

Group 1: The rich. Why would the rich vote for someone who stands against anything that will make them money? Replace coal and oil with renewable energy, how are they meant to afford the maintenance for their helicopters and yachts with money from that?

Group 2: Those living in poverty. Noticed how many benefit thieves voted for Brexit because they don't like foreigners? They claim it's because they steal their jobs, but let's be honest, they were never going to apply for those jobs in the first place. They're all bone idle and would rather spend all day drinking and getting high. I would personally rather deport these people in favour of more immigrants because the majority I've met are as friendly as can be and nothing short of hardworking.

Group 3: Those that don't vote.

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