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I am not an admin nor ever said I was. There are a shit ton of bugs with the app that annoy me and I want fixed as well hence I became pretty involved in trying to be proactive about it and getting acquainted with the team.

There is a lot you don’t see and honesty I think the team has done a horrific time the past year in filing issues. They’re trying to grow Redditmobile and decrease visibility of the beta sub. The beta sub is great and catches more issues than the qa team ever has. Redditmobile meanwhile is generally a huge waste of time, tons of spam, and pointless emotional complaint posts that have no merit.

I think the team is moving in the absolute wrong direction here and wish there was more focus on true bug reports.

So when I saw a potential legit bug report I opened it. Repro examples are helpful. u/Strawberrytea did not have a gold grasp on the issue and we were not able to reproduced. That is fine. But when she said she was going to tell other users to reinstall the app because it miraculously fixed it for her, I told her not to and she still did anyway. That was my issue. I’m sure being in QA yourself, you can agree that spreading incorrect fixes to so many people exacerbates the issue.

In the long scheme of things, there was in fact a bug (it just needed to be reprod differently). And I just wish others recognized that I was on their side and also realize the mega tube effects of giving wrong info.

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