Box office numbers for 4,318 movies dating all the way back to 1915 including inflation.

I saw a RedLetterMedia video on YouTube where they analyzed the box office numbers and profit gains for a handful of movies that came out last year. Fantastic video, btw. So I wondered, what would their calculations look like for other years? So, I decided to create an entire excel spreadsheet filled with box office numbers for movies dating all the way back to 1915. I must stress that THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! Not every single movie has been included in this spreadsheet. I needed the budget for the film to make the calculations, so if a film's budget has not been released or is not available on the internet, it more than likely will not be included in this spreadsheet. Once you get into the 90's onwards, you may see a film that you like/love that is not included yet. I will continue to add movies sometime in the future. But for now, my fingers have been overflown with number entries. Each year includes a film's budget, worldwide gross, its estimated profit and percentage, distributor, domestic and international take, and 2nd weekend drop-off. Beneath each year's worldwide gross for that year is its year adjusted for 2017's inflation. Between the two gross amounts for the year you are looking at, I also calculated the average drop for that year. I also created two separate sheets filled with every film so that way you can see the highest grossing movies of all time unadjusted and adjusted for inflation. Feel free to give me any recommendations! Should I add opening weekend numbers? Rotten Tomatoes scores? MPAA Rating? Please feel free to give me anything you want to make this spreadsheet as best as possible!

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