Boyfriend (M27) proposed that we go on vacation at my (F24) sea house, then says doesn't want to stay there for more than four days

This doesn’t seem right to me. When my husband and I were dating he took every opportunity he could to spend time with me, for the maximum amount of time he could. He even came on holiday with me and my whole family when he’s not particularly keen on some of them. So if there had been a chance to spend a week, just the two of us and he had no commitments to be anywhere else, he’d have jumped at the chance. I know I’d have been the same. Plus we saw each other way more than you see your boyfriend.

I can understand why you’re upset. I know other people are questioning why you’re upset seeing as you are getting to spend some time together but I don’t agree with them. Personally I’d find the situation insulting seeing as there doesn’t seem to be a valid reason for him cutting the trip short and I’d be having a very serious chat. I’d feel like he’s suggested this trip as a token gesture or to tick a box that says “Spend quality time” and in ticking that box he’s kept the quality time to a minimum. It’s like he’s saying that spending time with you on holiday isn’t better than sitting at home with nothing to do. If you guys want a committed relationship and plan to move in together you should be taking all the opportunities you have to spend as much time together as possible because that’s what you should be WANTING to do.

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