Bullet Journalling for ADHD

SO I don’t mean to highjack this post & this got way longer than I initially intended so I cut down the background into the following:

Me: ADHD + tourettes disorder + chronic musculoskeletal pain + joint dysfunction + building a project portfolio so I can be a software developer. Not tryna build BS projects, trying to solve actual problems & as a side benefit make some money from it.

SO question is:

If I made this into an app would anybody pay $5/month for it? How much would any of you pay monthly if you had to? Maybe free + optional $5/month for premium features?

If a few of you guys could just answer that question with no bias so I can get a range that’d be nice, if you’d pay exactly $0 ever that’s completely fine I’d just like to see what this would be worth to others, for me personally it would be worth ~$5/month which is what made me consider that number.

I know it seems like everything could be accomplished with a notes app, I actually made up a similar structure that I use on evernote but I figure I could design an app specifcally targeted towards helping ADD behaviours especially after reading the potential problems/complaints about a digital version on this post. Most of those complaints can be addressed if the technology is actually attempting to address them (which obviously they wouldn’t in evernote lol). I have awful handwriting & I just hate physical copies of anything, personally I find it too easy to misplace so a digital version that’s designed properly would be ideal imo.

Does this sound like something any of you guys would find truly useful or is it just gimmicky? If it sounds actually useful what would you say is a reasonable monthly price? thank you all!

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