Can I just rant for a moment?

Had never heard of real discrimination about a diet choice until one work experience. Would rather not get into it too specifically, but to keep things vague, a number of people decided that the meat industry was entitled to money that I had earned at work.

It makes me wonder why people don't feel that other industries are entitled to sections of my paycheck outside of what is covered by taxes. Here's one: Why is the "vitamin supplement" industry not entitled to my money? Outside of fortified foods I mean.

If the beef farms are entitled to my money, how come everyone isn't required to buy centrum? Realistically, the beef and the centrum aren't the best source for anything they offer. Centurm mostly winds up in the toilet. You don't absorb like any of it.

The negative effects of beef are pretty huge. The US government recommends a max of 4 oz of red meat a week.

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