Can Pelosi Legally Hold Back Impeachment Articles? Read: "Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate" ~ I thought this was URGENT?

Ha. I can't stand Pelosi or Mitch but Mitch thought he wad above everything abd declared he was ptoceeding lock step with Trump when his role is to be a jurer. He fucked himself. Pelosi knew he would. Pelosi is fucking with the repubs just like they fuck with the dems. McConnell has over 300 bills sent by the dems on his desk he refuses to acknowledge. He has publicly stated he will do what Trump tells him. He publicly stated he would never consider a bipartisan vote with Obama. He is supposed to be a jury member but is so full of himself he could jusy say he sucks the mushroom and fuck democracy.

The man has plainly said he will stone wall dems and doesn't care what it us about. Support him all you want but by this attitude you are not supporting the constitution (probably never read it) and that makes you a traitorus POS at the most or a very uneducated US citizen at the least.

Illegal immigrants know more about the constitution than home grown rednecks. Sad.

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