Can we please stop pretending like how both genders are the same in terms of treatment on dating apps already?

Ah, the "innocent" person. Talking like there's something bad, or to blame in not wanting to answer to someone is where your issue lies.

yes, there is. Tell me what the fuck is wrong or how hard is it to simply even type a simple reply back to someone explaining you dont want to talk anymore?

A functional adult is expected to manage rejection without throwing a tantrum. I don't have to descend to the lowest denominator to not hurt someone's feelings.

and any functional adult should know how to reject someone in an appropriate manner. I can see you clearly aren't one though.

No, I don't. And if I feel that there's nothing to obtain from that conversation, I won't even answer, like everyone does.

you say it but I don't you'll actually do it. And almost no one does that. Why? Is it not because of that selfish ego in you you're trying to protect? The image we have in public that somehow now puts us accountable for our actions?

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