You can’t be angry at teachers for “indoctrinating” your children while also asking teachers to raise your children for you.

I'm calling it how it is and how it will be. you can't force the majority of people to conform to your whims even if you find yourself on a daily soapbox in front of kids. Kids are the spies of parents when things aren't to the norm they expect. You think parents are coming to the school and fighting you because they have an instinct about it? No....students are reporting abnormal things (from their perspective) and it's being reported to the school, who also says it's not correct procedure.

Life is about acceptance, and voluntary support for people and things. You can't force adults to support you and you can't teach students in their young years that it's their social norm to support you. Otherwise, we'd have pastors in every class to make sure we stay in line with god lol.

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