Carnival slapped with a $20 million fine after it was caught dumping trash into the ocean, again

Yep, it seems like it would be OK being on large ships for so long, but it's not. People go crazy and literally jump ship, officers and Chiefs start bitching about the stupidest shit, some girls get pregnant and many people become short tempered.

I can personally vouch for how the constant stress of flight deck work can fuck some people up in the head. Accidents become normalized and shrugged off. When we worked nights on the flight deck, it's like being in a dream from always being half asleep. That shit sucks.

There is a reason the phrase "drunk as a sailor" was coined. Port call == get hammered as quick as you can for as long as you can. Our personalities were not normal for a while after deployments.

This is probably not always the case. I was "lucky" enough to work during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and we were always grinding taking the maximum amount of time at sea between port calls. When we did hit port it was at the "sandbox" in Jebel Ali for a day or two. Fuck that place.

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